Perfumes of Rarotonga - a pure collection of Cook Islands Fragrance

a pure collection of Cook Islands Fragrance
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Coconut oils

Coconut Oil is derived from one of the most sacred fruits of the Pacific. The oil is derived by shredding coconut and then cooking the oil out of the kernel. It has a soft feel and is rich in nutrients - ideal for our soap.

The coconut has a special place in the lives of Polynesians and for those that live in the Cook Islands. The tree symbolises life. The leaves are used for roofs, the wood for building (it is incredibly strong and will blunt a chain saw!), the young nut for its milk, the mature nut for its oil and cream, the growing nut for its food. In fact once you have mastered the art of climbing, collecting and then husking, there is no reason why you could not survive for a long time without any other sustenance!

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Fudge Factory

Rich, creamy, delicious fudge, made daily on the premises, with so many flavours to choose from!

From the web site we're offering just a small selection - but you are welcome to ask for more?

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