Perfumes of Rarotonga - a pure collection of Cook Islands Fragrance

a pure collection of Cook Islands Fragrance
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For many years now we have always thought "we need complimentary candles for all of our perfumes". Well we need to think no more! We have perfumed candles! Long lasting candles that burn for hours, these will make your room so fragrant. The scent of Frangipani, Gardenia or our more exotic Queen of the Night or Pearl of Paradise will lift your spirit. To make these really special we created our own Cook Islands special - of course - the Tangaroa!

Whilst we were making our first batch of these - the customer in the shop just "had to have the first one" and came back two days later for more! Available in the same fragrances as the main candles - but since they do smell so sweet - we're sure not many of them will be lit except on special occasions.

*Tangaroa is the historic god of love and has a rather large and visible "middle leg".

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