Perfumes of Rarotonga - a pure collection of Cook Islands Fragrance

a pure collection of Cook Islands Fragrance
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The Noni plant parts and fruit are found to be helpful as medicine from ancient times and particularly in the Pacific region. People rubbed leaves and fruit of the Noni plant onto patients afflicted with painful gout and other wounds. Noni is known technically as Morinda Citrifolia and is a perennial evergreen and flowering tree shrub. It is a seed plant that has a potato sized fruit with a peculiar unpleasant odor!

Our Noni Juice is pure filtered and clear without the nasty after taste associated with this health giving plant! Just add some juice and you have a real, natural and health giving drink to kick you into action each day.

Our soap and now body lotion use delicate a very delicate vanilla scent to give you an all natural feeling and smelling product. Go on - spoil yourself with some natural healing.

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id.CK is the top rated fashion store in Rarotonga and part of the Perfumes group of companies.

Our brand - id.CK - identity Cook Islands is very strong and we are often asked to ship these products - so here they are on the net!

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